Here is what some of our valued clients have to say about NOR-TECH Fire Protection.

“NOR-TECH FIRE PROTECTION has been doing all of our work for 20 years. No hassles with these guys. They show up get the work done . Design work is nice, permitting is seamless. Installation is always first rate. We have never seen them take any short cuts or use cheap material. This is what a contractor should be like. “
“Dave at NTFP, gets the Job done …period. I have been using them for years on all my comerical and residential projects. The last retrofit was super challenging and they stepped up. Good guys that get it handled.”
“I can’t say enough good thing about the crew at Nor-Tech Fire , they where great. We started with another contractor and he could not seem to get the permit and was holding up our whole project. On short notice they were permitted , installed and had an inspection. Wow, is all we could say. Project was back on schedule. One call when we where needing our final and it was handled These guys are the best.”
Sharon and Jake Wang, Home owners, Kirkland Wa

“I’ve been using NOR-TECH for the past few years for all of our fire protection sites. Whether our project is in Redmond, Kirkland, or Seattle, NOR-TECH knows what the jurisdiction wants and that saves a lot of time and energy. I also appreciate that their prices are always fair and competitive. But most importantly, they are quick to respond to my needs, schedule, and questions.”
Cary Granger, Pres., COLLZ, inc.
“The engineering and communication from the Nor-Tech Fire Protection, Inc. office is second to none. The preplanning tools make the job run smoother during installation. The installation crew is flexible and do a good job communicating what they need to be successful – which makes me successful. Would highly recommend Nor-Tech to any builder or developer.”
Mike Frank, Owner/Builder, Atwater Development, LLC
This is the first time we had to install fire sprinklers in one of our new homes. They were very nice in walking us through the whole deal. The technicians where very courteous and it felt like they really cared about how the finished house looked. Our place end up looking Amazing and it was real boss how they helped us. Cool dudes.